That whole “man is a wolf to man” bullshit some people use to excuse white supremacy and domination-as-inherent-to-human-nature is a phallusy-legacy based on the short sight of some sexually repressed and frustrated white men like Freud and Darwin. Still to this day we use this tired ass rhetorics as the “objective” measure for a history of consciousness and civilisation…

Someone needs to come collect those two and situate them as what they are: an obtuse product of the colonial expansion/industrial revolution feedback loop that shat all kinds of philosophical crap to excuse the slaughter, rape and pillage of darker skinned folx, womxn, children and the earth.

A good example of how this is absurd and actually obsolete is that we projected competition between the trees in forest ecosystems because we lendt our white supremacist individualist paradigm to all living beings. It has been demonstrated that trees actually cooperate with each other throu an internet of fungui. Likewise, early hunter gatherer matriclans needed to cooperate with each other in order to survive in greening Saharasia. The mother-child symbiotic relationship was the economic model that allowed large groups to live peacefully, specially when situated alongside rivers.  Let me tell you a story:

In the beginning, we were wanderers.  

This was a time when unarmored matrist tribes roamed what is called in the Bible the “garden of Eden”, situated in upper eastern Africa and central Asia, now the Sahara desert. The “craddle of civilisation” was a greening, vast wetland, much like the fertile crescent situated between nowadays’ Egypt and Syria.   The latest embodiment of hunter-gatherer Homo sapiens was born there and thrived, for the wet conditions of the Green Sahara were optimal for pacific expansion.  

These hunter-gatherer tribes had behaviours, social attitudes and structures based on physical affection, children’s democracies, playfulness, no female virginity taboo, no vaginal blood taboos, conception/contraception at hand of womxn, matrilineal descent, matrilocal housing and geographic distribution, non compulsive monogamy, freely permitted adolescent lovemaking and sexual experimentation, non-violence, welcomed and institutionalized pleasure, and worship of nature.   The economic system was based on mother-child symbiotic relationships and revered the sexual nature of the womb as a place of renewal and death.   In the image of the womb, God was the Dark Mother, where it all started and ended: the consciousness of divinity was centered in a shape shifting female creator and destroyer of worlds.

Since their roaming followed food and fertility, these nomad and semi-nomad gineco-groups used the cycles of womxn to count time, for they mirrored the cycles of the earth.  The wanderers’ skyes were never the same: the only unmoving cycles was the waters of reproduction (mxnstrual blood, amniotic liquid, breast milk), and so the notion of passing time was at the hands of the fertile bodies, not the patrimony of the stars. 

Time, just like God, was female.    

Hunter and Gatherer are not to be understood as a biological destiny. Gender was in fact fluid and multiple.  Hunters were the executive function of society, employing phallic energy to go outwards and bring back information. Gatherers were the cognitive function of society, using yonic capacities to collect and transmit knowledge. In this symbiotic dynamic, the young phallic function was at the service of the elder yonic function. The first astrologers, engineers, architects, artists, healers and mathematicians where gatherers that weaved information together to create physical and psychic shelter for their children and grand-children:  Khunts.

What happened?  

Mainstream educational establishments (from kindergarten to university) have implemented a Biblical/Freudian/Darwinian paradigm that establishes in the West that children are born sinners, are intrinsically ego-centered, and that “survival of the fittest” is our permanent neurological inheritance in terms of evolution.  As parents we’re expected to socialize children by censoring their libidinal impulses, and “men is a wolf to men” is studied as an absolute truth and the pinnacle of human self-consciousness, framing the white supremacist patriarchal regime we exist within today as a natural, unmoving, and instinctual basis.  This normalizes and excuses all kinds of perverse behaviors such as capitalism, rape culture, white supremacy, and ecocide.

The teaching of this framework as immanent is part of a widespread disinformation campaign aimed to keep us economically, spiritually and physically slept.  Aggressiveness is not part of the natural sociability of humanoids: solidarity is, as the mother-child relationship that molded our first expansive instants feeds on an intricate network of mutual support.  The basic conceptual dogma we perpetrate today is actually a traumatic reaction to the process of desertification that turned the garden of Eden into the modern Sahara.   In other words, white supremacist imperialist individualist capitalist sexually repressive patriarchy is a house of cards built on the trauma of desertification, and we are still functioning on a fight or flight impulse that kickstarted our organisms to be violent and competitive 15.000 years ago.

What happened was climate change.

The desertification process of Saharasia between 15.000 BC and 4.000 BC, part of the wet-dry macro cycles the Earth has been going thou since her beggining, resulted in massive droughts and famines that threw the nomad and semi nomad matrilineal societies into deep distress.

Mothers, the khunt-leaders of these pacific societies, couldn’t feed their children as in the old days, when the greening lowland guaranteed abundance of game and wild crops. Infants suffering from starvation develop emotional responses that are similar to those stemming from maternal rejection, abuse and isolation rearing, and so whole generations of children grew up in a stressed out context, traumatized by the appearance of scarcity.  This changed the neurological pathways of peaceful and tightly woven societies, where fertility regulated society, into a society regulated by violence and competition.

Adherence to the old ways of worship, based on pleasure, womb knowledge and cyclic gaze, became synonym of non survival to the consciousness twisted by scarcity.  The conceptualization of sinful acts of worship gave room to a binary code of behavior that accumulated honor vs. shame.  The Hunter function of society, which was before at the service of the Gatherer function, became prevalent and honorable.  Hypermasculinity started being glorified, and elder female leadership was violently overtaken by the law of Men.  The “weak”, (womxn, children, elders, cognitively different people) faded into the background.

The young yang took the forefront: sons were welcomed and wanted more than daughters, patrilineal lineages and inheritances were instituted to ensure protection of private property. Naming and geographical/spacial organisation became a patriarchal attribute: patronimy is a result of this fear-induced wealth miss-distribution.  The Hunters soon converted to soldiers under this martial law.  Gatherers turned into hoarders, loosing their holy knowledge of “only kill what is needed”.  Wanderers became conquerors, intruding and breaking sustainable chains of existence.

For the first time, humans had to gather militias to protect themselves from other hungry humans.  

The use of metal to develop weapons instead of ornaments made us step into the Bronze age, and that’s when private property, agriculture and grain storage was implemented, creating the first wealthy families as well as the notion of “undeserving individual”.  The seed of neoliberalism was planted and stored then.  

Food and water shortage became soon mass conflicts, which resulted in tribal wars.  The need to work the land became pressing, and our original adaptation rapport with our environment became one of domination.   The end of this symbiotic relationship with the eco-system marked a philosophical, economical and cosmological change.   As the dark, wet, fertile soil that sustained these societies began drying out, the scorching sun became omnipresent.   

Humans perceived this desertification process as a punishment for the old ways. They started worshipping the sun, a faraway untouchable and merciless presence, and shunning the soil.  The female elements of worship became synonym of non survival.  This newly acquired framework of domination of the soil soon translated into domination of the womb.  The waters of fertility were privatized too, and baby-making bodies went from being in soft-power to hard-slavery.  The womb, before revered as sacred for her mysterious self-repairing capacities, became a tool at the service of the law of Men, and the control of the productive and reproductive abilities of womxn throu gendered violence engendered the first slave labourers.  The patriarchal mother, herself traumatised into oblivion, made sure to castrate and punish any movement that arose from the hips for healing faculties, and ascribed these movements to a value exchange.

In our angst and fear of the elements, we started building monumental places of worship, abandoning and separating godliness from organic cathedrals.  God became an ever-hungry, punishing and demanding male entity, in the image of the unforgiving sun.  As we settled to work the land to feed our own, we transferred time counting to this newly patriarchal God, that had delivered intricate and counter-natural codes of life only to the ruling class, the priests, who unlike the open-source shaman or the witch, monopolized the channels to address God and promoted the sublimation of the sexual vital impulses as the basis of a holy body/mind.

We exiled our cognitive faculties to the realm of the ideas, themselves only to be found in the upper parts of the body/the atmosphere.  The relationship these traumatized humans developed with Nature, once the Goddess, a female, paradoxical, self impregnating womb where everything begins and ends, befell into one of domination, colonialism, monocultures and empires, instead of the instinctual reverence of bio-diversity and cooperation.  Abrahamic religions, with a punishing father in the sky, soon started to emerge.

We are still living within this neuro-wave, privatising and trademarking things that used to be commons.  We are now privatising water, the next step will probably be the privatisation of air.  

That’s the lost garden of eden: an abundant greening lowland that got desertified within us, the neuro-pathways of central symbiotic mother-child relationship that modeled a mothering economic system.