That whole “man is a wolf to man” bullshit some people use to excuse white supremacy and domination-as-inherent-to-human-nature is a phallusy-legacy based on the short sight of some sexually repressed and frustrated white men like Freud and Darwin. Still to this day we use this tired ass rhetorics as the “objective” measure for a history of consciousness and civilisation… Someone needs to come collect those two and situate them as what they are: an obtuse
(this is an excerpt of Sosa’s “Twerk/Torque: anti colonial strategies for thriving and survival in web 2.0 times” PhD text) There is a widespread campaign of disinformation that pain is completely inbuilt in the femme/feminine/womxn body, and immanently inscribed in our subjectivity.  Whether it is in the biologically wronged apparatus inaccurately called “female sexual organs”, or womxnity and/or femmehood as more abstract locations, you have to tend to it infinitely, so as to achieve an


Posted on December 8, 2017
Category: Cultural Analysis
photo credit: Manzel Bowman   “NEVER AGAIN applaud poems about progress while your people die at the hands of the state NEVER AGAIN allow people to assert a lack of intersections between experimentation and people of color. experimentation is fundamentally rooted in blackness and wounded life: they don’t get to tell you otherwise your body is an experiment. your memories: an experiment your life: an experiment every minute is an experiment in survival everyday is an

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